HPS 66th Annual Meeting

Phoenix, Arizona
July 25th-29th 2021

Single Session

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MPM-A - Special Session: Conservatism Approach in Radiation Safety

Room 120 D   14:30 - 16:30

MPM-A.1   14:30  Conservatism Approach to Radiation Safety M Pinak*, IAEA ; V Holahan, NRC; D Cool, EPRI; A Fellman, NV5; M Boyd, EPA

Abstract: These presentations aim to address the role conservatism plays in establishment of radiation protection radiation safety standards, and subsequently influencing national regulations. It will explore the different opinions on the development and implementation of radiation protection requirements and their impact level of ensuring radiation safety of workers, the public, and the environment.
The three principles of radiation protection -justification, optimization, and dose constraints have been adjusted over time based on scientific evidence that has had significant implications on those who are using radiation in their practices. The ongoing professional debate in supporting the principles of radiation protection is expected to focus on prudent and clear guidance in developing or modifying regulations that can support the rationale for eventual change in approach. This Presentation will also elaborate on whether the conservative regulatory framework, including both the regulatory setting and the supervisory enforcement has been instrumental in ensuring radiations safety or whether it has instead prevented or complicated beneficial use of radiation.
14:30 Pinak
14:45 Boyd
15:00 Holahan
15:15 Cool
15:30 Fellman
15:45 Discussion

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