HPS 66th Annual Meeting

Phoenix, Arizona
July 25th-29th 2021

Single Session

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VTH-B - Special Session: AIRRS

   10:00 - 14:00

Chair(s): Mark Linsley
AIRRS Business meeting will take place from 13:00-14:00.
VTH-B.1   10:00  AIRRS Special Session CA Tarantino*, AIRRS ; C Ribaudo, AIRRS; Ca Tarantino

Abstract: The Academic, Industrial, and Research Radiation Safety (AIRRS) section will host its 2nd roundtable session virtually at the 66th annual Health Physics Society meeting. Several panelists will lead and moderate a 3-hour session engaging in a myriad of Health Physics discussions. The topics covered will include: health physics practices/challenges during COVID (led by Ike Hall), transitioning from Cesium to X-ray irradiators (led by Carolyn MacKenzie), Nano and other emerging technologies (led by Mark Hoover), health physics database software platforms (led by Mike Welling), and HP recruitment. An “open forum” segment will then allow for discussion of additional issues of current and emerging interest in the field of Health Physics. Mark Linsley will serve as the roundtable Emcee and Dan Arguello will act as Moderator. Polling software will be used to facilitate, motivate, and augment the organized discussions. Audience comments and questions will be encouraged. The intent of the Special Session is to help fellow radiation safety personnel and HP colleagues benchmark and find solutions to their day-to-day challenges, supporting the vision and mission of AIRRS. Registration for the AIRRS Special Session, scheduled Thursday, July 22, 1-4pm (EDS), is available on the HPS website. The AIRRS annual business meeting will immediately follow the Special Session. Carl Tarantino, CHP, RRPT AIRRS President

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